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Convective Devices

Convective devices with water capillary mats for heating, cooling and dehumification

Convective devices with water capillary mats can be used as a stand-alone heating/cooling device with a connection to an energy source (ion boiler, heat pump, etc.), as well as by installing elements in a wall partition or ceiling recess.

In hot and humid climate zones, convective devices can be used to cool the surface using a water temperature of ~+10°C — water flows through the water capillary tubes and coolness flows from the ceiling.

Convective devices with water capillary mats can simultaneously provide cooling and reduce indoor humidity.

The temperature spreads evenly, without causing any draughts.


Water capillary mat ceiling together with a water capillary convection device: a comprehensive solution for hot and humid climates


The combination of water capillary mats installed in the ceiling and convective devices with capillary mats ensures low room temperatures and low humidity, thus it's a particularly suitable solution for climates with very high temperatures and humidity, such as the Gulf region, South America, Central and South Asia (e.g. India, China, Malaysia, Singapore).