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Nearly zero-energy building (NzEB) solutions

European Green Deal

In December 2019, the European Union adopted a set a policies and measures for the purpose of fighting climate change — the European Green Deal.

The European Commission has set the aim of making Europe a climate neutral economy by 2050.

Directive 2012/27/EU on energy efficiency (as amended in 2018) sets out essential energy saving requirements for the construction sector in the EU Member States, including the mandatory construction of nearly zero energy buildings (nZEB) from 2020 onwards.

Māju klasifikācija

Energy efficiency classes of buildings (kWh/m² per year)

Passive house

At the top of the house classification is the “Passive House” - a zero energy house with a minimum energy consumption (<15 kWh / m² per year) and which does not actually require heating. However, it must be taken into account that the price of a passive house exceeds the construction costs of modern A, B and C energy efficiency class buildings by 20-30%.

The Hydrokapillare water capillary mat system operates with the lowest heating temperature (+ 25-32°C) compared to other underfloor heating solutions available on the market.

The use of the Hydrokapillare system also provides a unique advantage to use for cooling the premises during the summer without additional investment.

Indicative example:

Indicative comparison of the efficiency of different heating systems based on an example: Northern Germany from the end of March to the beginning of May. Heat pump efficiency indicators for heat production, which varies depending on the outdoor temperature and the flow temperature of the energy carrier.


The use of the water capillary mat system in combination with an efficient air-to-water heat pump allows the energy consumption of a class B and C building to be reduced several times and heating costs to the level of a passive house.

SIA Hydrokapillar Tech also offers the incorporation of capillary mats into the foundations of the building in order to use ground energy for heating and cooling of the building, as well as a geothermal circuit from water capillary mats in combination with a heat pump.

What if you do not have the option to install a heat pump and solar panels?

The Hydrokapillare water capillary mat system will provide significant cost savings even if it is connected to central heating or other heating energy source (pellet boiler, condensing gas boiler, etc.).

For example, the heating cost of a 50 m2 apartment in the center of Riga during the heating season until the installation of the Hydrokapillare system was EUR 36.00 (excluding VAT) per month. After the installation of the Hydrokapillare underfloor heating system, the cost decreased to 20 EUR / month.

SIA Hydrokapillar Tech, together with our cooperation partners, offers to develop a complex solution for saving the heating and cooling costs of your building and ensuring its compliance with a nearly-zero energy building.