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Hydrokapillare – energy-efficient water capillary mat system solutions for heating, cooling, and dehumidification

Heating System

Hydrokapillare system is a low temperature radiant heating solution.
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Convective Devices

Local solutions for high capacity cooling and dehumidification needs.
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Cooling System

Cooling solution with water circulation in capillary mats provides an excellent microclimate in the room. Read more

Hydrokapillare System

Description of the capillary system and its advantages. Read more

Planning and Methodology

Several basic principles must be followed in order to correctly calculate the required heating/cooling load in a room. Read more

Nearly Zero-Energy Building Solutions

Hydrokapillare system within the context of the European Green Deal. Read more ›

Effective solution to reduce CO2 emissions

Based on an independent study, the CO2 emissions of the Hydrokapillare heating system are 3.25 kg CO2 / m2 per year less than that of a traditional underfloor heating system and 5.9 kg CO2 / m2 per year less than that of a radiator system.


SIA Hydrokapillar Tech

SIA Hydrokapillar Tech offers a full range of services for the implementation of a highly energy-efficient water capillary mat heating and cooling system - from system design to its implementation and maintenance, as well as supply and installation of optimally efficient energy sources (heat pumps, gas condensing boilers, etc.), to provide stable, economical and climate-neutral heating and cooling in your premises.

Our business partners:

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European Regional Development Fund co-financed project no.

«Development and approbation of complex solutions for optimal inclusion of capillary heat exchangers in nearly zero energy building systems and reduction of primary energy consumption for heating and cooling» Read more ›