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European Regional Development Fund co-financed project no.

Project title «Development and approbation of complex solutions for optimal inclusion of capillary heat exchangers in nearly zero energy building systems and reduction of primary energy consumption for heating and cooling»

The aim of the project is to develop and experimentally test complex methodology for the study of appropriate physical processes and the implementation of a full cycle of optimal design of capillary heat exchanger systems, also ensuring their efficient management with intelligent building software.

The project is implemented by the University of Latvia in cooperation with SIA «Hydrokapillar Tech».

Project implementation timeline: 01.11.2020 –31.10.2023. (36 months)
Total project financing, LU share: 648 648.00 EUR (ERDF 374 918.54 EUR (57.80%); State budget financing 225 080.85 EUR (34.70%); co-financing, incl. Investment from private investments 48 648.61 EUR (7.5%)), LU share: 389 188.80 EUR.

Project leader: Andris Jakovičs, Leading Researcher, Faculty of Physics, Mathematics and Optometry, University of Latvia (

Project administrative manager: Liene Bandeniece, e-mail:

The main results of the project:

  1. original scientific articles that will be submitted for publication in journals or conference proceedings included in SCOPUS (A or B) databases;
  2. scientific articles that will be submitted for publication in journals or conference proceedings, the citation index of which reaches at least 50 per cent of the industry average citation index;
  3. technology rights – patent;
  4. technology law – calculation models;
  5. technology law – prototypes;
  6. technology rights – intellectual property license;
  7. other project results according to the specifics of the research – various reports, documentation of modeling methodology, methodological descriptions, presentations on the obtained results, protocols and reports from scientific conferences.