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Cooling System

Radiant heat exchange technology

The Hydrokapillare radiant water capillary cooling technology provides air cooling in a different way.

  • Radiant cooling ceilings (with plaster, lined with ploasterboard, metal panels or decorative grid) and built-in water capillary mats connected to a single system, contain cooled water at a temperature of +16–17°C.
  • A ceiling panel acts as a heat exchange element between the indoor air and cooled water in the water capillary mats.
  • The ceiling absorbs heat from the heat sources in the room, exchanging the circulating cooled water.
  • The circulating water is continuously pumped to the chiller, cooled and pumped back to the ceiling through the water capillary mats.
  • Suitable for new buildings and building renovation - residential and office buildings, shopping centres, hotels, industrial buildings, etc.
  • Quick installation by trained and qualified personnel.
  • 80 – 90% of the ceiling area can be used for the installation of water capillary mats.

The radiant heat exchange technology is a particularly comfortable and energy-efficient solution for room cooling.


Water capillary mats clearly outperform conventional air conditioning

Water capillary mats achieve an optimal indoor climate but need a minimum of energy and space, whilst conventional air conditioning systems reach their limits!


Water capillary mats

Conventional air conditioning unit

Energy consumption

50 W (20%)

250 W (100%)

Cooling load

3 kW

3 kW

Comfort level

Hight, even, constant

Low and uneven (draught, noise, bacteria)

Space requirement

Low (pipes, capillaries)

High (channels)

Benefits of the Hydrokapillare cooling system

Studies have shown that people working in rooms cooled by water capillary mats feel better and are more productive.

Low temperature cooling system

sufficient flow temperature of +16-18°C, due to the large area coverage with capillary tubes

No cold air flow

no draught or uneven cold air flow in the premises

Reduced circulation of dust, viruses, and bacteria in the room

significantly reduced circulation of dust, viruses and bacteria together with the air flow, which is especially important to limit the spread of COVID-19

Compatible with natural water sources

possible to use groundwater and surface water bodies (river, lake, pond, etc.) as cold energy sources

Cost savings

excellent cost savings combined with various types of heat pumps


capillary mats can be installed stretched under a decorative grid, without finishing (industrial look) or under plaster, plasterboard, tiles, etc.

Extensive installation options

can be installed on the ceiling or walls and in combination with a room heating system

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